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About us

Jiangsu Kuntai Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, mainly engaged in laser marking.Cutting, welding, cleaning equipment research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, publicDivision has a high-quality professional team of R&D, production and technical support. Enterprise memberWorkers have rich practical experience. Company and the United States, Germany, Singapore, Japan, India.Many international famous marking companies have maintained long-term and good cooperative relations, and at the same time,Absorbing international advanced technology and design concept makes Kuntai's entire technical and service teamWith excellent professional knowledge and heavy technical cornerstone, it ensures the equipment of Kuntai laser.Keep pace with the latest international technology and establish a leading position in domestic technology. companyOur products are widely used in IT, electronics, communication, machinery, hardware, packaging and shoe leather.Leather, light industrial products, jewelry, glasses, integrated circuits, anti-counterfeiting technology, craft giftsProducts, plastic molds, medical devices and other industries. Kuntai people put "hard work and success"Household, enterprising, sincere and trustworthy "as the soul of development.




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